I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness
Josephine Perry
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Becoming a True Athlete
Laurence Halsted
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Talent to Triumph: How Athletes Turn Potential into High Performance
Amy Williams MBE
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Myths of Mindfulness
Dr Richard W. Sears
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Myths of Sport Coaching
Dr Amy Whitehead & Jenny Coe
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Climb Smarter: Mental Skills and Techniques for Climbing
Dr Rebecca Williams
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Women and Girls’ Cricket: How We Can Grow The Game Together
Lydia Greenway
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Psychological Staff Support in Healthcare: Thinking and Practice
Dr Harriet Conniff
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Hormones, Health and Human Potential: A Guide to Understanding Your Hormones to Optimise Your Health and Performance
Dr Nicky Keay
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Empowered Birth: Lessons from sport psychology for your maternity journey
Dr Carla Meijen
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Coping With Breast Cancer: How to Navigate the Emotional Impact Throughout Your Journey
Dr Sarah Swan
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Drop the Struggle: A transformative approach to achieving your potential in sport and life
Dr Alison Maitland and Jenna Ashford
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Understand and Overcome Your Chronic Pain: The Comprehensive Guide to Chronic Pain and How You Can Shape a Positive Future
Richmond Stace
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Coping With Trauma: Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Overwhelming Events
Dr Yvonne Waft
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