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Intuition at Work: Using Your Gut Feelings to Get Ahead

Jessica Pryce-Jones

“Jessica Pryce-Jones offers decision makers this superb guide to sharpening and expanding your intuitive capacities. If it feels right you, read Intuition at Work and learn to rely on the rapid response team within you and amplify your feeling of knowing.  Intuition is particularly important at a time when decision makers at all levels are increasingly depending on AI even as it spills misinformation and hallucinations. Check out what seems obvious but wrong or incorrect but right by using your intuition – and corroborating it with rationality when you need to.”

Bernard Beitman, MD
Founder and President of The Coincidence Project

‘Go with your gut’ is what many of us like to say. In her book, ‘Intuition at Work,’ Jessica Pryce-Jones delves into what intuition is and is not. Intuition should have a grounding in reality and what is possible. It is also important to balance what you think with what the data shows.

‘Intuition at Work’ provides insights into what you can intuit and learn in navigating life’s challenges

John Baldoni
Thinkers 360 Top 10 thought-leader and the author of many books including The Grace Trilogy that explores the power of grace at work, at home and in our communities

How to grow this superpower? ‘Intuition at Work’ offers practical and easy-to-use guidance for anyone who’d like to build their intuition at work.

Dr Oleg Konovalov
the da Vinci of visionary leadership, author of The Fisherman’s Path to Leadership and The Vision Code


Paperback isbn: 9781914110320
Pages: 224
Publication Date: July 26th 2024


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Table of contents

Introduction: Meet your superpower

1 Understanding what it’s all about

2 Developing your intuitive process

3 Boosting your intuition with behaviors

4 Working with coincidence, synchronicity, and serendipity

5 Extending your intuitive skills

6 Applying intuition as a leader

7 Consciousness and its role in intuition


Toolkit to tackle 10 top blocks

Intuitive exercises



About the book

Do you want speedier decisions? Better outcomes? And avoid costly mistakes? Your gut can help you. In fact, intuition is an essential tool that all leaders use to get to the top.

If you’ve ever made a choice that looked illogical but proved to be right or had a sixth sense about something, your intuition was at work. Those hunches play a critical role in everything from deciding which job to take, who to hire and what to focus on. Which means that summoning intuition on demand and listening to what it’s telling you are vital at a time of radical change and instability.

This ground-breaking book draws on the latest science, eye-opening anecdotes from senior leaders and the author’s own insights gained over 25 years’ coaching. It will show you that intuition is a practical, learnable, and immediately applicable skill that will accelerate your career.

About the author

Jessica is an award-winning coach and author who works at CEO and senior executive level. She runs seminars on harnessing intuition in the decision-making process. Jess has taught at some of the world’s most prestigious business schools and is an honorary senior visiting fellow at Bayes Business school. She’s taught and supported some 15,000 executives over her career. A regular speaker and media commentator, Jess lives in France.

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