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Marketing your book

The most common question we’ve been asked over the past twenty years is very understandably “how will my book be marketed?”. This is precisely why marketing is absolutely one of our highest priorities. What does this mean in reality?

Our commitment to you and your book, comes in the form of Sequoia Marketing 200Our (contractual) 200 promise references the first year of your book’s lifespan (including pre-publication). During this first year, every book we publish will benefit from a minimum of 200 individually tailored marketing activities.

As Examples (With More Besides):

We approach an individual handpicked as a credible influencer on a particular platform (for example: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog site) to carry out a review. This equals one activity. We attend a conference with your book on the stand (one activity), we publish a paid advert on a social media site (one activity), we tweet about the book (one activity), we approach an industry magazine to review (one activity), we send an email campaign to relevant data feeds (one activity), we send a free copy to an organisation to recommend to their members (one activity), we send a free copy to an academic to consider adopting (one activity), we publish an author interview with you on our YouTube channel (one activity), we send out a free chapter online to go alongside a key industry event (one activity) and so on.

Every month, you’ll be sent a list of every bespoke activity we’ve carried out to support your book, with our full guarantee of a minimum of 200 activities in year one (marketing will of course carry on beyond year one).

Our aim is not to send unnecessary and unwelcome “spam”, our aim is to relentlessly explore every possible credible, global opportunity to let the right audience know about your book.

Authors should absolutely be asking how their book will be marketed, our answer is 200.

Andy is the best editor I’ve ever worked with, he challenged & supported me, while also giving me the freedom to write the book I wanted to write. Most crucially, he also understands the importance of a sophisticated marketing strategy – thoroughly recommended

Jessica Pryce-Jones

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