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Partner your organisation with us

Authenticity of content is key to Sequoia. The books we publish will always be from the most credible sources so a reader has full confidence in the evidence used. One way we achieve this is by developing mutually beneficial partnerships with representative bodies, companies and organisations.

You may be part of a professional association, an academic society, a corporate community or a funding agency. We’ve found that a number of challenges faced by such organisations can find effective solutions by forming a book series.

For example:

Global knowledge dissemination?

Membership benefits?

Increase in international membership?

Revenue generation?

Content for qualifications?

Shaping a discipline?

If you’re part of an organisation interested in disseminating high quality knowledge to a worldwide audience (at no cost to your organisation, ever), contact us via Live Chat or email for further details.

I have found Andy to be a very supportive editor who genuinely seeks to support authors through the manuscript preparation and publication phases of book development.

Professor Stewart Cotterill

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