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Understand and Overcome Your Chronic Pain: The Comprehensive Guide to Chronic Pain and How You Can Shape a Positive Future

Richmond Stace


Paperback isbn: 9781914110283
Pages: 320
Publication Date: December 1st 2023


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Table of contents


Section 1: Introduction including foreword by Dr Mark Miller and Mike Pegg

Section 2: My journey into pain

Section 3: Setting the scene

Section 4: What is pain?

Section 5: Starting out

Section 6: Your practice – skills and strategies

Section 7: Bringing it all together

About the book

You know what chronic pain is like, but you may be surprised to find out what is actually going on, and how you can harness this to get better.

The traditional ways of treating pain are not as effective as they could be. Yet they remain the predominant way in our society and healthcare system. We need to turn this on its head, focus on your needs and create a bespoke way forward according to the life you want to lead.

Based upon the latest research, pain science and philosophy of chronic pain, this book will help you understand your symptoms and experiences before offering you a range of ways to reconnect with what matters and move forward. When you understand your pain, the landscape changes — understand your pain to change your pain.

Drawing directly from the clinic, Richmond offers you skills and strategies together with the know-how to create your own unique practice to ease your pain and live your best life.

About the author

Richmond Stace has worked in healthcare for 30 years, much of that time dedicated to caring for and helping people with chronic health issues and chronic pain. His unique background in nursing, rehabilitation, sport science, coaching, physiotherapy, a range of psychological practices and pain science give Richmond the broad knowledge, skills and experience necessary to guide, advise and encourage people who want to understand and overcome their chronic pain. In addition, Richmond delivers teaching and training on chronic pain, including humanitarian work in Gaza, gives talks, writes blogs and articles and hosts a podcast.

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