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Coping With Endometriosis: Bringing Compassion to Pain, Shame and Uncertainty

Dr Kirsty Harris

“An open, honest and raw account of what it is like living with endometriosis – and one that I am sure so many of us living with this awful disease will relate to”

Laura Johnson
@thetroublewithendo (Instagram)

“A genuinely open and honest book which brings to light the raw, personal experiences of living with endometriosis, but which also marries these experiences with the knowledge and skills of a clearly talented Clinical Psychologist. An incredible resource for anyone living with this debilitating condition, every page completely relatable”

@honestly_endo (Instagram)

“An incredibly validating read that honestly and expertly explores both the psychological impacts of this insidious disease and the practical steps toward healing with the compassionate care approach it so desperately deserves. A must-read for the millions of people living with and supporting those with Endometriosis”

Christie Lee Austin-Hore
Accredited Practising Dietitian, BSc. MDietPrac. @endometriosis.dietitian


Paperback isbn: 9781914110344
Pages: 200
Publication Date: April 2nd 2024


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Table of contents


The Unique Perspective


  1. An Introduction to Me and My Journey
  2. Understanding Menstrual Health and Endometriosis
  3. A Psychological Understanding of Endometriosis Using Compassion-Focussed Therapy (CFT)
  4. What Is Compassion and Why Is It Difficult?
  5. Understanding Threat
  6. Understanding Shame and Its Relevance in Endometriosis
  7. Endometriosis and Your Relationship with Yourself
  8. Endometriosis and Relationships
  9. Relationship with Endometriosis
  10. A Commitment to Compassion

About the book

Current statistics suggest that one in ten women and those assigned female at birth of reproductive age in the UK suffer from Endometriosis.  It is estimated that there are 176 million people worldwide living with the condition.  On average, it takes eight years from the onset of symptoms to receive a diagnosis of endometriosis.  For Kirsty, it took 20 years for a formal diagnosis.

Living with endometriosis, often without a diagnosis or explanation for your symptoms, can have a significant impact on your mental health, your wellbeing, and your self-esteem.  It can result in disconnection from others and high levels of self-criticism.  Endometriosis fuels our threat systems and can push us to disconnect from others, ourselves and the things that are important to us.

There are many resources available now about endometriosis, its symptoms, and its treatment.  However, there is little available to think about the psychological impact and regaining balance and control over an incurable condition.  There are now some specialist endometriosis centres in the UK that offer psychological therapy and interventions as part of their treatment, however, these are not available to all.

This self-help book is the first of its kind: written by a highly experienced clinical psychologist, who has lived with endometriosis herself.  Drawing from the evidence-based compassion focussed therapy (CFT) approach to provide you with essential coping skills to manage the psychological impact of the condition. The CFT approach enables you to respond differently to the difficulties that may arise from living with endometriosis, including understanding the condition itself, managing the impact it has on your relationships and bringing compassion to the distress associated with endometriosis.  This book aims for you to be able to connect with your difficulties in a compassionate way and to seek care and connection during a time where you may feel alone and disconnected.

About the author

Dr Kirsty Harris is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working within the NHS in Mental Health Services. Kirsty is passionate about working with women and women’s health. Kirsty first learnt about compassion focussed therapy during her clinical psychology training at Oxford University.  She has since integrated this approach into both her professional work and her personal life, as a woman with endometriosis.  She is keen to share her experience with others in the hope that this can make a difference to women like herself.

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