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“We believe that all young people should benefit from the life changing benefits of sport & that they can find their passion & interest by exploring as many sports as possible. Amy explores some of the key concepts in helping anyone who has the determination to excel and fulfil their potential. Through her invaluable insights Amy helps us understand the decisions and opportunities that lie ahead.”

“Most young people in sport take years to build the required knowledge for success through (often difficult) experiences, sometimes this can be too late. Amy has written a book that means a reader can learn everything they’d need to know in an instant, highly recommended”

“Anyone involved with any sport will benefit enormously from this book. Talent to Triumph is relentlessly practical, you simply can’t fail to be inspired & educated by Amy & the incredible list of contributors”

“Having trained from a very early age I can appreciate that there are certain times growing up when there are added pressures in a young athlete’s life. Balancing education, social life and activities, family commitments & training are major mountains to overcome. It is understandable that this is the time when most aspiring elite athletes lose their way and are likely to get side-tracked. Amy has the experience and expertise at the highest level of elite sport and has created a very credible “go to” to provide support and guidance across a range of topics from mindset to preparation to setbacks. I am sure it will help lots of up & coming talent.”

“Amy Williams has written a book which will be as invaluable to young athletes and sports people as it will be to the parents & carers who nurture them. Her insight and experience has been carefully distilled into proper take away nuggets of advice, warnings and learnings from her exemplary career as a gold medal winning Olympian & from the observations of other sports men and women she has witnessed being successful and making mistakes along the way. You will want to thank her when you have read it”.

“Amy Williams knows what it takes to win. As an Olympian – & an Olympic champion no less – her experience, insight and opinion carries great value for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. As part of Great Britain’s skeleton team she has been part of one of this country’s most successful sports teams, producing serial winners Games after Games.”

“Amy has written a fantastic blueprint for young athletes to learn from. Her experiences, mixed with those of so many other elite performers make this book an absolute treasure trove of advice”

“Having watched Amy train every day for years, there is nobody better qualified to describe what it takes to make it in sport. She was relentless & became the very best”

“Moving from being talented to the elite levels is the toughest challenge for any young athlete. The lessons in this brilliant book from those who’ve been there, done it, faced challenges, faced fear, overcome obstacles and achieved their dreams makes it an invaluable resource”

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