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Myths of Sport Coaching addresses fundamental gaps in understanding, practice & expectations. This work, illuminated by leading authors, scholars & practitioners, is indispensable for anyone supporting & championing others through coaching”

“Awesome things can happen when great people come together and this is a prime example of such an occurrence. I’ll summarise; if you want to become a great coach, this book is an absolute must-read.”

“A really interesting journey through some of the ‘rules’ of coaching that have become embedded within our language and the reality behind them. This book uses all the developments which have taken place in coaching understanding and knowledge in the last few years and offers really up to date advice and recommendations for those wanting their coaching practice to be both highly effective and enjoyable.”

“Amy and Jenny have put together a book that might just make you stop… and think. If you are interested in growing as a coach, what’s the benefit of not having more options and a better understanding of what might work when and why? Enjoy!”

“A broad spanning volume that invites one to pause and ask the pertinent critical questions of why we do what we do within the field of sports coaching.”

“By highlighting the myths within coaching, this book forces you to question the conscious and unconscious biases within your own coaching practice, and where these come from. It challenged me to differentiate between what I know and what I believe and look for ways to better align the two.”

“I’m fortunate to spend my days speaking with head coaches all around the world, and the questions they’re pondering are answered in this book. What Whitehead and Coady have done is given us a blueprint for the next decade of coaching craft – Which myths still persist without reason? Where have we taken great ideas too far? What will take my coaching to the next level? Whether you’re decades into your coaching journey or just getting started, Myths of Sport Coaching will help you become the best coach you can be.”

“It is a great collaboration of minds from both the academic and applied worlds that helps open your thinking to the many different aspects and ways of coaching. The concepts raised and some fresh perspectives offered, present useable information for coaches to take away and apply in their own practice.”

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