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“As I read Myths of Mindfulness I found myself nodding yes, yes to Dr. Sears’s understanding of mindfulness and his skill in identifying the myths that interfere with its practice. Yes, everyone can benefit from being mindful and yes, given it’s popularity there is a need to correct the misinformation surrounding it. I appreciated the clarity, depth of understanding and Dr. Sears’s ability to demystify what it is—and isn’t. Drawing on his personal experience, science and research the book is comprehensive, clear, easy to read and reassuring. Yes, mindfulness is part of the human condition. Yes, you can do it and yes, it’s worthwhile. Thank you for this offering”

“What does it mean to be mindful? Though mindfulness has existed since the dawn of consciousness, misunderstandings and misinformation about it flourish in our modern society eager to understand how attending to the moment can lead to a fuller life.

With the experience of a Zen master tethered to the initiative wisdom of beginner’s mind, Dr. Sears explores the complexities of mindfulness while staying true to its foundations. In this way new and experienced practitioners alike will discover a deeper understanding and practice of living in the moment.

As someone who has taught mindfulness for two decades, this book clarified and reinvigorated how I think about, teach, and practice mindfulness. It will do that for you too”

“Barriers to the practice of mindfulness come in many forms, some avoidable and others unavoidable. While working with unavoidable barriers provides endless grist for the practice mill, this book shows you how to sidestep barriers that are based on myth and misconception. Richard Sears writes with compassion, and in featuring discussion above disputation, provides a wonderfully accessible approach to address these enduring ideas”

“At last a clear, lucid and well-articulated read on the excellent benefits of mindfulness. What is most refreshing and clinically useful about this text is the well needed balancing of both the positive benefits of meditation as well as some of the contraindications and often left out side effects. Rich with theory, storytelling from travels in Asia as well as practices to go deeper, it’s simply a real gem and a must read for the client as well as the clinician. Most captivating”

“This is such a useful book. The book has a lovely flow and clearly outlines Dr Sears intention to address common questions that are raised about mindfulness. By focusing on what the science can tell us so far about the practices of mindfulness, on giving us a brief history of mindfulness, as well as using his own experiences of personal practice and of teaching mindfulness, the reader is given a clear picture of how we can examine the myths associated with mindfulness. These are important themes for all of us who would teach or use mindfulness practices.”

“Mindfulness is a powerful tool for self-development, something I have been offering instruction in for 40 years now. But many misleading myths have arisen with its growing popularity. Some of these skewed beliefs have actually created harm. In this book, my good friend Dr. Richard Sears shines a clear light on the subject. He separates the facts from the myths. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the role of mindfulness as it relates to self-realization”

“Dr. Sears’s simple and straightforward guide can help anyone break through the lingering myths about mindfulness that hinder our ability to truly discover joy and freedom through our practice”

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