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“Dr Nicky Keay is a go-to expert in the field of women’s hormone health and she has provided a vital guide for all women navigating the menopause journey.  Full of actionable information, it’s a great resource for every woman approaching and enduring menopause.”

“Witnessing the soar in women’s involvement in exercise and endurance sports is incredible. There has never been a more important time for age group and masters’ athletes to understand the impact of the menopause transition for health and performance.

Dr Nicky Keay’s expertise and wisdom throughout this book will guide women to thrive for their full potential through the menopause transition and be empowered in decision making when it comes to their health, exercise and sporting goals.”

“Dr Nicky Keay is such a positive influence on so many women’s lives. With her expert knowledge, she always picks up her audiences where they are at in that particular moment, a trait that is invaluable in healthcare. Over the years, she has empowered and encouraged countless female athletes and dancers to take care of their health instead of listening to outdated and misleading messages from coaches and teachers, and now it must be the logical consequence to bust those myths for the other end of the spectrum, perimenopause and menopause. Nicky has created a treasure with this book, one that healthcare professionals and society will have to notice, for women are now meticulously informed about this transition in their lives.”

“Dr. Nicky Keay orchestrates a tour de force in hormone health, expertly clarifying complex research and empowering women to navigate menopause with confidence and science-backed knowledge.”

“Menopause. A few years ago no one was discussing it in open circles, now it seems to be water cooler and nightly news conversations. Unfortunately, misinformation has woven tightly into these conversations, creating noise and advice from social media influences. Dr Nicky Keay has done it again, with her new book “Myths of Menopause”, she expertly crafts scientific language into accessible, actionable points, based on the scientific research and expertise of colleagues in the space. This is a must have book for so many women looking for the truth.”

“Dr Nicky Keay spoke at our Mac-Nutrition LIVE Conference on “Supporting the Perimenopausal Period: Nutrition, Lifestyle & HRT Considerations” & her ability to bring the topic to life, linking the research effortlessly to real world application in an engaging & humorous way was second to none. With our commitment to only bringing in evidence-based speakers & tutors for our students, Nicky is one of our go to experts on all things menopause.”

“With so many myths and negative misconceptions around menopause it’s no surprise that women are anxious about entering this phase of their life. This book will help women better understand what is happening in their bodies, take steps to overcome symptoms and gain more control over their health.”

“Dr Nicky Keay is an expert in the field of hormone study and unrivalled in her ability to distil complex scientific research into information that is understandable and useful to the general public. She’s also a master at busting myths that swirl around on social media.”

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