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“Jessica Pryce-Jones offers decision makers this superb guide to sharpening and expanding your intuitive capacities. If it feels right you, read Intuition at Work and learn to rely on the rapid response team within you and amplify your feeling of knowing.  Intuition is particularly important at a time when decision makers at all levels are increasingly depending on AI even as it spills misinformation and hallucinations. Check out what seems obvious but wrong or incorrect but right by using your intuition – and corroborating it with rationality when you need to.”

‘Go with your gut’ is what many of us like to say. In her book, ‘Intuition at Work,’ Jessica Pryce-Jones delves into what intuition is and is not. Intuition should have a grounding in reality and what is possible. It is also important to balance what you think with what the data shows.

‘Intuition at Work’ provides insights into what you can intuit and learn in navigating life’s challenges

How to grow this superpower? ‘Intuition at Work’ offers practical and easy-to-use guidance for anyone who’d like to build their intuition at work.

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