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“This book is an invaluable guide for any young athlete wanting to build their mental toolkit, and practising the suggested exercises is a great way to kickstart success in sport and other areas of life”

“This book is wonderfully accessible to younger athletes, with chapters and topics that will resonate with them in their lives both in and out of sport”

“This book is a go-to for any teenage athlete who wants to master their mindset”

“An insightful and practical approach providing much needed support and understanding for young people”

“..‘I Can’ is an invaluable tool for young athletes to develop confidence, conquer their nerves, become braver, learn to deal with setbacks and control their emotions to help them to become successful in whatever they set their mind to”

“..this book is a valuable tool for anyone of any age hoping to achieve high-performance goals in sport – or any other endeavour for that matter”

“..a must-read primer filled with accessible, practical, and evidence-based techniques for any teenager aspiring to harness their mindset for success”

“I often wonder how many times I underperformed due to lack of confidence. “I Can” is what was missing”

“This book is not just key for young athletes, but also extremely useful for sport psychologists working with this population”

“Learning lessons from this book may have helped me considerably through the trials and tribulations that is competitive sport. I could have won more medals, being more satisfied and probably been kinder to myself in general”

“I’d have loved to have had this as a teenager”

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