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“A brilliant book that will be invaluable for athletes and dancers looking to optimise their health and performance.”

“Nicky is one of those professionals that you always want to have near. She is easy to reach and so great an expertise, that can really help you to understand “the hormone world”. She has collaborated with us in a study with the Female FC Barcelona football team. Female sport and especially female football is in continuous growth, that not only is in need of great players, but of good healthcare professionals too. Understanding what takes place in the woman body, it’s physiology and the response when playing football is essential to continue developing knowledge. Nicky has been a perfect partner in this challenge, and I look forward to working together in future studies.”

“Nicky’s extensive expertise helps athletes understand that the endocrine system is critical to successful training, overall wellbeing, and the ability to participate long-term. Her work is an invaluable guide for every coach, as well as athletes of all sexes and all ages.”

“Hormones, Health & Human Potential is a fantastic tool for anyone wanting to understand their body better and use it to their advantage. As an athlete who has hugely benefitted from Dr Keay’s extensive research and practical expertise in order to overcome RED-S and reach the highest levels in sport, I can confidently say there is no one better to write this book. By sharing her insight with others, Dr Keay can help us all feel more educated and empowered with every chapter.”

“As a professional cyclist, without a medical background, Nicky’s help and guidance over the years has thoroughly helped my understanding of how training load, fuelling and recovery influence my performance and my body’s wellbeing as a whole.”

“Hormones are such an important topic for women and men, and yet there is still a dearth of top-class, accurate information in the area. I am so grateful for the work that Dr Nicky Keay does in this area, shining a very well-informed light on the subject, and this book is extremely welcome and highly recommended. Thanks Nicky – so many people will benefit from your expertise.”

“Nicky has been one of the primary pioneers in advocating, researching and educating, especially to the broader community on the importance of hormones for optimal performance and health. Her knowledge and expertise in this area, especially in female athletes, is second to none. This book will be an exceptional recourse for women to improve their health and be empowered to understand their bodies better”

“Athletic peak performance requires health and a good balance between training load and recovery. Hormones are an essential part of maintaining this balance and they are part of body mass regulation, aging, and so much more. This book provides key information for these processes, so I highly recommend reading it to anyone trying to create results in recreational or top level sport.”

“Dr Keay’s book is an excellent resource for those hoping to enhance both their health and sporting performance. In this case, knowledge is power so understanding the role of hormones in sport and everyday life enables us to harness their potential to the fullest effect.
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) is a huge barrier to performance at both elite and recreational level. It is often under-recognised however Dr Keay’s work in this area continues to revolutionise both the understanding and management of this condition to the benefit of athletes worldwide.”

“Our hormones are tremendously powerful – and all too often they’re an overlooked piece in the puzzle of health and performance. Nicky Keay’s work has been instrumental in disseminating essential information in a way that’s easy to understand, but also easy to act upon, and expertly tailored to individual circumstances.”

“The influence hormones have on the performance of a dancer is crucial, both in regard to injury mitigation and performance optimisation. Nicky’s knowledge of Endocrinology coupled with her insight and enthusiasm for dance make her a leading voice in this field.”

“In an era bubbling with misinformation on hormones and how to “balance” them, this straight-talking, evidence-based book by Dr Nicky Keay could not have arrived at a better time.”

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