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A fantastic book and an ideal training companion that can easily fit into your kit bag. Drop the struggle provides a tool kit that enables you to challenge thoughts and feelings and use them positively to obtain the skills required to achieve your goals, transforming the impossible into the possible

I worked with Alison, implementing the acceptance and commitment approach outlined in Drop the Struggle in relation to my leadership career. The Yellow Tail Moth story is particularly poignant. When I accepted the journey and my own vulnerability as a leader, I progressed quickly into my current chief of staff role with an ease and confidence I had never felt before. I now have a huge toolkit of strategies for when I get knocked off course as I no doubt will in the future. The impact of this approach on my leadership journey has been immeasurable.

Drop the struggle gives you a great set of tools to help on your journey. Very clear and relatable, it is sure to be of use to anybody looking to improve the mental side of their life.

Love this book and wish I had it years ago to give to those starting their sporting career! A hugely practical, positive and progressive guide for anyone navigating the ups and downs of their sporting journey. Athletes and non-athletes alike will be inspired to change their mindset on performance – through the thoughtful explanations, impactful practices and encouraging case studies. This book clearly signposts the way to becoming a better performer.

This is an amazing resource for all sportspeople, from the Olympian to a junior athlete. It gives the reader a completely different way to think about the mental side of sport. I am really looking forward to applying it to people I work with

Understanding how your mind works and how to unlock your true potential – in sport and in life – is a transformational journey to embark on. In this incredibly powerful and practical book, Jenna and Alison will help you find your path as you learn the skills to stop struggling and start thriving. A game changer!

Acceptance and commitment therapy applied to sports psychology is genius! ‘Drop the struggle’ should be in the kit bag of every student-athlete and on the bedside table of every coach and every athlete-parent

This is the book that I wish I’d been given when I was younger. An accessible guide & tool that makes the psychological side of the game that little bit less daunting. Having had the pleasure of working with both Alison & Jenna before, I look forward to applying their expertise to my work, life & sport once more.

Psychology doesn’t have to feel like something remote and academic; nor should it involve forcing yourself to think in a particular way. Drop The Struggle is a great place to understand how instead to work alongside your way of thinking, and maximise you at your best.

Drop the struggle is a fabulous well written, easy to understand book that can help you bring out the best version of you in life and sport. Alison and Jenna are skilled sport psychologists who tackle key mental skills in understanding yourself, your performance and life, they are underpinned by the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) theory. A fascinating read with lots of techniques for personal growth……. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to try some of the techniques myself!

An opportunity for Athletes, Coaches, Parents and anyone else wanting to unlock their full potential, with useful toolkits along the way and help think more clearly through life’s obstacles

A brilliant practical guidebook and psychological toolkit for athletes and coaches written by authors who really get what it’s like to be on the frontline of performance, busting unhelpful sports psychology myths and media cliches along the way.

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