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Catherine’s lived experiences of living with psoriasis shines through each chapter, full of top tips for helping others to manage their condition. Catherine’s letter to herself as a 16-year-old at the end of the book is particularly poignant, full of insights, hope and wisdom.

Dr O’Leary has highlighted and crystallised the anguish and life course impairment of people with
psoriasis but at the same time has produced practical tips to enable patients to cope with
the disease. A very worthwhile read for patients as well as their family members and
healthcare providers.

Dr O’Leary provides a unique insight into the emotional and psychological effects of psoriasis with her personal experience and in her capacity as an experienced clinical psychologist.

If you are living with psoriasis or interested in learning more about this condition, then I highly recommend this book as a source of support, wisdom and hopefulness.

There are so many resources included in this book to help clinicians provide excellent care for patients with psoriasis, and I will be recommending my colleagues to read this book. I personally loved this book.

Just as important as providing explanations of these psychological effects is all the practical advice for
facilitating coping, which is succinctly summarised at the end of each chapter. This is
a moving, powerful and useful book, which should be read by clinicians, patients and
anyone wanting to understand more about the psychology of health and illness

Living with psoriasis can feel lonely, and in the book
Dr Catherine O’Leary gently reassures the reader that their feelings towards psoriasis are
both valid and understandable, offering her support and wisdom as a clinical psychologist
and someone living with the condition. A must read for anyone affected by psoriasis.

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