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“This book is a very welcome source of support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Sarah writes with honesty and compassion about her personal struggles with her own cancer diagnosis. What makes this book unique is Sarah’s skilful blending of her personal experience of breast cancer, with her skills gained through many years of working as a clinical psychologist”

“I see the values of openness, generosity, humour, courage and above all humanity shining through every page”

“If you have been affected by breast cancer or know anyone who has, I can’t recommend this highly enough. You won’t find a more moving, compassionate and helpful book on this subject”

“In this book, a clinical psychologist who is also a breast cancer survivor describes the cancer journey and adds evidence-based psychological techniques to help us understand, explore and deal with the various emotions we might experience, written in a way that that you can select the approach that best fits with your personal experience and priorities.”

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