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About us

We are relentlessly positive, ambitious, transparent and collaborative

Sequoia books is a new, dynamic & innovative publisher specialising in Psychology, Sports & Physical Activity

Our founder & CEO, Andrew, has spent twenty five years in academic, professional & trade publishing, up to and including board level director positions for international publishing houses. He has commissioned over four hundred books, primarily across the psychology, sports and business/management sectors & his enthusiasm for getting the right content to the right reader, in the right numbers burns brighter than ever.

Andrew started Sequoia Books because he wants to put into practice the lessons he’s learnt from working with so many authors for so many years. He believes that authors value transparency, bespoke and proactive marketing support, input into design, regular honest communication, rapid and high quality production, as little red tape as possible and a publisher that fully believes in them as writers & the readers that read their books.

To find out more, contact us via the Live Chat function or by emailing

Sequoia Books

We are committed to only the highest quality of evidence-based content, with the highest quality routes to market. We need to know that when a reader picks up a Sequoia book, they know this is something worth reading, our reputation utterly depends on it.

We’d love for you to join us, either by reading, writing or partnering with Sequoia Books.

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